Toft Dishes from 1971 - 1985 all approx 450cm diam


This is just a sample of the 450 plus Toft type dishes I made between 1971 & 1985. The second one in on the top row incorporates sgraffito and slip-trailing as part of the decoration, something I hadn't seen on any of the 16th & 17th century pots I'd looked at. The image shows a Pearly King and Queen with their family. The trailed "One never Knows" is the motto of the Pearly Kings and Queens tradition.
The bottom row shows a dish with the autographs of some of the Potters who attended the Dartington Craft Camp in 1977. On the rim are David L. Jones, Mick Casson, Karen Karnes,
Jane Hamlyn, Ian Gregory, Ray Finch and myself. In the centre are David Eeles (an expert with the trailer) Peter Starkey, Geoff Swindell, David Cantor (the organiser of the event)
David Leach, Alan Caiger-Smith and Neil Ions. Apologies to those I can't recall or decipher.
Bottom right was made to celebrate the birth of a friend's son. The image of Thomas the tank engine appears to emerge from the centre of the dish and the tunnel at the same time.